Magi Arredamenti

Magi Arredamenti specialises in superior, locally-made furniture. All our designs are custom-built depending on the customers’ likings and requirements. Whether on site or from the Magi premises in Luqa, the Director himself, Godwin along with his team, give advice and suggestions to all customers from an expert point of view, detailing size for made-to-measure fittings, colour schemes, decoration, technical aspects and design using both a practical and a professional designer’s approach. Magi offer a wide range of products specialising in kitchens, bedrooms, living/dining, study/office, loose furniture, joinery works, shop fittings and turnkey services. Whilst going through our vast furniture collection on our website, you will note that all products are available in different materials, shapes and sizes. In order to make any further enquiries about our products, you may arrange an appointment with us by calling on 2141 6639. Although certain enquiries can be made via telephone, we prefer to meet with you at our showroom in order to discuss your requirements in detail and be able to provide you with the professional service we would like to offer you.